The First Health Coaching Credential based on Science, Proficiency & Outcomes

The Registered Health Coach (RHC) program is the first health coaching credential grounded in the science of health behavior change and learning. The RHC program was developed in partnership with experts in the field--including NIH-funded health coaching and behavioral medicine specialists. RHC also reflects ten years of experience at HealthSciences with some of the largest public and private health care organizations in the US and Canada.

Registered Health Coach Video

In February 2012, Dr. Susan Butterworth, a lead contributor to the development of the HCPA and RHC program, hosted a webinar session overviewing the program. Please view now: Becoming a Registered Health Coach (RHC): Your Pathway to Proficiency & National Recognition.

How do I Apply for Registered Health Coach and Who is Eligible? 

Any clinical or nonclinical professional is eligible for RHC. There is no application or fee for RHC. Candidates simply complete the training requirements (in any order) and submit a patient de-identified audio sample for assessment. You will receive your report and be notified within two weeks whether you meet that proficiency level. Candidates are provided skill-building recommendations from a MINT health care  at no additional fee.

RHCs Have Completed a Core Curriculum in Chronic Care & Health Coaching

A Registered Health Coach must complete a core curriculum in evidence-based population health management, chronic care and self-care support, wellness and lifestyle management using brief, motivational interviewing (MI)-based health coaching. This requirement is based on the recommendations of the Institute of Medicine as well as peer-reviewed studies on implementation success factors for the Chronic Care Model (CCM).